Gifted Life- Short Movie

Based on Organ & Tissue Donation,

It has been more than 3 years I have been working on this project to create informative feature movie project based on migrant’s experience in Australia in regards Organ and Tissue Donation. This idea triggered by one unexpected incident that we Nepalese Community experienced in Northern Territory during 2013 which changed my perception towards Life.

I was fortunate to get support from Sydney based Director/Script Writer Eva Acharya, who is helping me to draft the feature length script for the project "GIFTED LIFE".

At this moment we have come up with short version of the script and planning to produce short movie first and then jump to feature length movie.

I really appreciate SCREEN TASMANIA for providing me an opportunity to be part of TALENT CAMP 2017 while I was in Hobart Tasmania. I pitched "GIFTED LIFE" project and now progressing towards production.

Producing movie in Australia is not that easy and if the project is social and informative there is less financial support available to the individual peoples like us.

However, we are determined and will make our dream possible by all your support. I personally request everyone who are interested to support our project are welcome to contact us.

We need supporters, sponsors, skilled manpower etc please drop your email on to encourage us.

Thanking you

Nitesh Raj Pant
Fusion Media Production
Darwin Northern Territory