We would like to sincerely thank Multicultural Council of NT President Kevin Kadirgamar, Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia General Manager Fox McLachlan and all our valuable guests and attendees from various organisation who came to the preview screening of the “Fusion Lifestyle Show”.

We are delighted to get such a wonderful feedback to grow this project and support from wider community.

First Episode will be broadcast from Darwin TV, C44 TV and C31 Melbourne & Geelong from Sunday 7 October 2018.

Guest:Angelo Razafimamonjy family from Darwin Northern Territory who migrated to Australia during 2015 from MADAGASCAR.

Repeat telecast are also scheduled including Education TV & Tourism TV.

Really appreciate Phil Evans Production Manager Sea Eagle Productions Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia, Alan Lawson Operations Manager C44 Adelaide, Rebecca Taylor Assistant Operations Manager C44 Adelaide, Mitchell Kalika Content Manager Channel 31 Melbourne for your technical assistance.

“Fusion Lifestyle Show” will target influential individuals, social entrepreneurs, unsung heroes, role models and talents of the wider Australian communities. Also promotes diverse culture and traditions to keep connected and strengthen harmony.

Please recommend wonderful individuals from our community for our program by filling the online form below

Once again we acknowledge the great support provided by Multicultural Council of NT, Darwin TV, Education TV, Tourism TV, C44 Adelaide TV, C31 Melbourne & Geelong TV and staff members.

Special Thanks to Angelo Razafimamonjy, Tejinder Pal Singh, Gurpreet Kaur, Dr Kush Shrestha, Tom Jones , Vern Mckenny, Sourabh Sol Snehi , Ram Babu Adhikari and families.

Please contact info@fusionmediaproduction.com for more details

Event Photo by: Savita Valadian

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“Fusion Lifestyle Show” will promote our unique life style and wonderful people who are living in harmony around Australia.   


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