DHAGO The Thread

Charles Darwin Film Festival 12 November 2016

Andrew Hyde Cinematography Award

Steve Bisley Actor Award

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“I really liked the film. I thought it was a great concept, it executed culture extremely well, the cinematography & editing was well done and storyline held my attention the whole time. Due to the lack of dialogue, (not a bad thing at all!!) the actors were brilliant at telling the story with body language etc.
Again, super great job on your film!
What I especially liked was the culture it displayed. That story has been done a million times but when you’re able to tell it from a cultural perspective, especially in such a dramatic way. THAT’S what made it so well done.
I didn’t critique it at all. After I watched it, I thought I would love to see how that script was written and I really want to go to Nepal.”

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Valerie Clark Scriptwriter and VO artist, USA

“Dhago, is a well acted and executed short mystery drama. Shot superbly with wonderful performances by the whole cast. The story captures and portrays cultural and spiritual beliefs extremely well and threads them carefully into an intriguing plot, that draws the viewer in completely to the very end.

Salvatore Finocchiaro Director, Sienna Productions Pty Ltd

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